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Digital Products For Funeral Directors – FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our grief guides and resources. If you have any further questions or you would like to make an enquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Our Products

What products do you offer?

We offer grief guides and grief resources in the form of eBooks and digital documents. Our products are specifically designed to inform and educate newly bereaved people about grief and grieving.

What is the difference between grief guides and grief resources?

A Grief Guide is a digital book. It contains multiple grief resources but they are part of one document and cannot be used individually.

Grief Recourses are single documents which can be used individually. Each resources file is about a specific topic such as Frequently Asked Questions about grief for example.

Is it possible to download product samples?

We do not offer free samples of our digital and copyrighted content.

Product Updates

Do you update the content files?

We update our content files on regular basis and we encourage our clients to inform us about possible updates.

Will I receive automatic updates when they become available?

All of the updated versions of the files are stored in the “Downloads” section of your account. You can login and download them at your leisure.

Which product is best for me?

Grief resources

The grief resources are the individual files on a particular topic. They can be used as part of the Grief Resources section on your website.

You can email different resources files to different types of clients, For example, you can email the Frequently Asked Questions about grief on enquiry.

Can I purchase the resources files individually?

You can purchase them as part of the eBook & Resources Files option which includes all of the available resources files.

Grief guides

A grief guide is a digital ebook which you can include into your welcome packs for example. Your download ZIP file contains two versions of the book in three different formats.

Please note that you can’t modify a grief guide file or use its content individually, i.e. you can’t copy and paste the different chapters and sections of the book to make your own grief resources files.

Do I have to purchase both the Resources Bundle and the Grief Guide?

No. You can purchase either or both of them depending on your intended use. Please consider the limitations of the Licence Agreementwhen deciding on your purchase. In short, you are not allowed to modify any of the files or change their format and you can’t purchase the grief guide to copy its content and divide it into separate files.

Product formats


What is a PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is the standard format for documents, books, instruction manuals etc. The advantage of this format is that the content looks exactly the same as it was created regardless of what devise the end user uses to view it.

How to use a PDF file?

You need the Adobe Reader to open PDF files. It’s free and the chances are that you already have it installed on your machine. If you don’t have it installed, you will be promoted to do so when you click to open the PDF file. Here is a direct link to the Above Installer website


What is an EPUB file?

EPUB stands for electronic publication and it is the standard file format for eBooks and digital publications.

How to use EPUB?

Once you download the EPUB file you can open it and read it on your computer or mobile device, providing that it has the relevant apps. Please refer to this article ( which shows how to open an EPUB file on any device.


What is a MOBI file?

MOBI stands for Mobipocket eBook file. This format is commonly used for the distribution of eBooks which support the Amazon Kindle software.

How to use a MOBI file?

Please refer to this article for more information and instructions on how to open MOBI files on different devices –

Please refer to this article for more information and instructions on how to wirelessly transfer a document to a Kindle device –

Please refer to this article for more information and instructions on how to open MOBI files on iPhone & iPad –

Access to products

Where do I fond the products that I purchased?

All of your purchased products are stored in the Downloads section of your account which you can access from your Account Panel.

Distribution of the products

Can I distribute the products to my clients?

You can distribute the products to your clients, providing that you follow the Licence Terms, i.e. the products must be freely available to your clients. You are not allowed to sell the products you purchase from REEDSMANN and you are not allowed to modify it in any way or change its format.

All product we provide is optimised and ready to be used as email attachments or uploaded on to your website for your clients to download. You can also save the grief guides and grief resources on a CD/DVD or a thumb drive to include in your welcome packs.